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This Young Lady Was Caught Trying To Jump A Fence, Read What She Did That Made An Angry Mob Beat Her

I just stumbled upon the story of how a young lady was beaten up by people after she was caught trying to jump a fence.

It happened in Abak road, Akwa Ibom State, a lady was seen trying to jump the fence of a house belonging to the guy she visited for the weekend.

When people saw the blood stains on her cloth they caught her and on inquiry it was discovered that she has allegedly murdered the guy she visited.

This immediately made people to start beating her till she was barely recognizable, she was stripped to her birth suit and paraded around before she was finally handed over to the men of the Nigerian Police.

The lady identified as Odume Princess Paschaline, is a graduate graduate of University of Nsukka, who’s also undergoing her National Youth Service at Akwa Ibom State.

The story was shared on Facebook by a user named Godwin George, who gave a clear narration of the incidence.

According to George, he saw a large crowd gathered at Abak road by Afahaofotto, and he ran there to find out what was happening that was when he discovered what led to the beating of the lady.

See screenshot below;


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