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Young Man Shares News Shoes He Designed (See Photos)

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Young Man Shares News Shoes He Designed (See Photos)

A young Nigerian man with the Twitter name Olayinka has gone online to reveal how the present strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been a blessing in disguise.

While many students are lamenting how the strike is affecting them, the young man said the strike action has given him more time to work on his craft.

His post went viral

A designer, Olayinka shared photos of shoes he recently worked on. Black and smooth, the footwears look so classy.

The young man wished his tweet gets the needed attention it deserves, and it did.

See his post below:

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 59,000 likes with over 600 quoted replies.

@AjijolaMakanju2 said:

“Where did u learn the craft pls because I’m really i interested in making shoes pls and I’m yet to find a good vocational centre and pls dont see me as a competition. Help a lady.”

@HRM_Dotland said:

“Are you producing the shoes for black axe? That logo at the front should disappear, just a feedback.”

@otiugochukwu45 said:

“Wow, that’s great. please start producing for our policemen.make dem no dey wear ‘I swear to God’.”

@iamSpenoiya asked:

“I wanna know, are you the one placing the design yourself on the shoe? If YES, what’s the machine you use? If NO, how’d you get it done? Asking for a friend who’s into this too.”

@theonlyUyai said:

“Can you make school boots (size 32) for a child?”

@Fred4ww said:

“I love the sole and design. But don’t you think it would have been better to write your brand name on the side instead of the top front? Just a suggestion though.”

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