“Your Life Is In Danger,” – PDP Spokesperson To TV Host“Your Life Is In Danger,” – PDP Spokesperson To TV Host
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“Your life is in danger,” – PDP Spokesperson to TV Host

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“Your life is in danger,” – PDP Spokesperson to TV Host

During his interview on Channels TV last night, the PDP’s spokesperson for the 2023 Presidential election, Daniel Bwala, made an uncommon observation.

He claimed that he believes Seun Okinbaloye is constantly terrified and that his life is in danger because of the insecurity that is roiling this nation everytime he speaks.

However, Daniel Bwala said that the Peoples Democratic Party has the sole possibility of defeating the APC in the 2023 presidential election while discussing concerns.

He claimed that even the APC is aware that the PDP is the only group that has a chance of defeating them in 2023—not any other group. Speaking about his decision to leave the APC

, Daniel Bwala said that he did so because he supported the opposition party’s vision and that Atiku was the only candidate with prior presidential experience.

As he put it, “During the first term, Atiku served as President since Obasanjo was busy traveling all over the world for various reasons,”

Seun, whenever you talk about uncertainty, for the first time, you seem terrified as though your life is in danger, the man said, “I have heard you speak for the previous seven years.”

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