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YOUR TIME STARTS NOW! ! ! Community Youths Gives A Lagos Pastor Seven Days To Hand Himself To The Police Over Death Of Church Members


The resident pastor of the El- Adonai Evangelical Ministry (Aladura), where four worshippers were electrocuted last Sunday, have been given seven days ultimatum by the youths of Jibowu Street, Abule Egba, Lagos State, to turn himself in or risk having his church burnt down.

The youths of the area said that the seven days ultimatum started on Thursday, after the pastor refused to show up and kept the community waiting for four good days after the incident happened.

The pastor, who is the landlord of the premises had took to flight after the incident happened, coupled with the threats from the community youths that they will vandalise his church and set it ablaze.


The youths strongly blamed the resident pastor for the incident and said that for six days after the incident happened, the pastor’ s whereabouts had been unknown and no one has heard from him.

The incident happened on Sunday morning, when some members of the church tried to replace a torn church flag with a new one, in preparation for the church’ s annual thanksgiving service and sadly a high tension cable snapped in the process, leading to the death of four people.

A member of the church was said to had climbed the pole holding the flag and the pole suddenly made contacts with the high tension cable and it snapped, electrocuting the victims.


During a visit by our correspondent to the scene of the incident within the week, the church premises seemed deserted and the gate of the church with a bold inscription of the church motto ‘ ‘ Come to the light for brightness (Isaiah 60: 3)’ ‘ was locked and there was no sign of activity in the church building.

A resident of the area, who identified himself only as Baba, who spoke on behalf of the youths of the community, said that they gave the pastor seven days to turn himself in and give the youths a detailed explanation of what happened and the circumstances that led to the incident else they would bring down the church structures.


Baba said if the pastor is not guilty, what would possibly make him go into hiding and switch of his phones as no one can access him since then, adding that he should come out and submit himself to the police and explain to the youths and the entire community what actually happened in the church premises.

However, the state Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Adekunle Ajisebutu, when contacted by our correspondent to get hi reaction, disclosed that investigation into the case is ongoing and urged the youths of the resident not to take law into their hands.

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