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“You’re Wasting Bullets”, See The Story Of The Bakassi Boys In The East

Back then, ‘issakaba’ was a very popular movie, it talked about the story of the Bakassi boys. In fact, the title of the movie was just ‘Bakassi’ spelt backwards with an added ‘A’.

The Bakassi boys were a vigilante group comprising mostly youths. It was founded in 1998 and they were very notorious for their use of black magic (juju), in the fight against crime most especially in the South Eastern region of Nigeria.

It is ironically funny when you consider the fact they also use their juju in trying to curb the practice of dark magic, this is evident in the case of Eddy Nawgu. A self acclaimed prophet and an alleged occultist, whom the group beheaded.

The Bakassi boys were armed with local weapons like machetes and also they wield guns too. There place of operation is the South East. The way they know an innocent or guilty person is their use of a silver coloured cutlass. They place the Metaphysical metal on the chest of the suspect and the colour it shows would determine if the suspect is guilty or innocent. If the colour changes to red, it means the person is definitely guilty. No interrogation, no investigation.

In all fairness, their brutality meant there was a significant reduction in social vices and crimes in the region.

They were believed to be immune to gunshots even when shot at any range. Their ‘gun proof’ juju is popularly called Odeshi which translates loosely as ‘it does not leak’ or ‘it can’t leak’. A reference to their blood not leaking due to the bullet.

They never take it easy with criminals as they were known to have cut off limbs and burn some people. Pastor Eddy was Reportedly dismembered. The Bakassi boys had no agenda except ensuring peace and eradication of crime in the society. That was part of the ways the boys made the society especially the south east relatively safe in the late 90s. Kindly follow to get the full story of pastor Eddy Nawgu and also the sad story of Derico Nwamama in the hands of the Bakassi boys.

The Bakassi boys are now rebranded as Anambra vigilante services (AVS).

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