Yul Edochie Sends Message To Igbo People Amidst Current Situations

Yul Edochie, the Nollywood Actor who is equally a Presidential Aspirant comes 2023 is out to send a strong message to his Igbo people.

There is no doubt that Yul Edochie is an Igbo Man but the truth is that, he only chooses to support what is right. Amidst the agitation for their Biafria Nation, you will agree with me that many things have gone wrong.


Imo State is currently not as safe as it was before due to different bad occurrences.

Yul Edochie after observing the scenarios decided to send his own message to his Igbo people. In the message which he shared on social Media, the Actor/Politician urged Igbos to love each others.

He stressed that there is no need to make a brother an enemy simply because he didn’t agree with you. Instead of making him your enemy, it is your duty to make him understand with you.


He further Advised Igbos to love themselves and stop pulling each others down.

Yul Edochie has passed his message. It is now left for the Igbos to assimilate and use it accordingly.

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