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Zekhethelo Not Married In Real Life, Here Is The Reason Why

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Zekhethelo whose real name is Nyalleng Thibedi she was born on 4 September on 1980. She is South African Actress who mostly of people love. She was born and raised in Rockville Soweto. Not only is she a South African actor ,she is a brand ambassador. She is an intelligent woman and not only that but she is also educated. She studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town and then she studied Dramatic arts in New York.

Zekhethelo on Uzalo is a Stepdaughter to the notorious criminal Nkunzi Mhlongo. And she does not like what her father is doing. She tried so hard to make him see reasons but they are used to live a life of criminals. She ended up moving out after Nkunzi used his stepdaughters to fight her battles. She has been living a normal life where she also met someone. She met pastor Gwala who promised to marry him. She was so happy to be finally in love but her tears of joy turned to be tears of sorrows.

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Pastor Gwala discovered that he is Nkunzi’s son and that has changed a lot of things. He could not continue to marry her. He broke her heart again. She feels so disappointed by Pastor because she love him and she is even willing to be his wife.

Nyalleng in real life has a six year old son. She is a mother and she loves her son wholeheartedly. She will do anything so that her son get anything that he wants in life.

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The reason for her not be married at her age is because she was once in a relationship with someone but the person was abusing her. Though she decided to get out of the relationship. This shows how brave she is. Mostly of women cannot go out of the relationship , they choose to stay maybe because the person is taking care of them.


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